NOMA & Wilmont Discuss Election Issues

Last Thursday, North of Montana neighborhood organization tackled the pros and cons of Measures GS&GSH and the College Bond.  Last night, Wilmont apprised its members of issues relevant to their neighborhood with a visit by community police outreach officers.  I was pleased to attend both, answer questions and to take peoples' pulses on these important issues.

Labor of Love on Labor Day

Driving meals today for Meals on Wheels, I had a client say, "Oh, I'm so sorry that you have to labor on Labor Day."  I told her that it is not labor to see her smiling face and to make sure she is ok, today and everyday.  Happy Labor Day!

Kicking off my campaign!

The page is live, and so is the campaign for Santa Monica Rent Control Board!  I've been proud to serve on your Rent Control Board since February of 2016 when I was appointed.  Now, I'm running to continue the good work I want to do for the renters of our city.  Thank you for your support!

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